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Welcome to TKO Construction & Roofing LLC, known for our high-quality custom-tailored roofing and for our custom metal and slate services throughout the entire New England area. However, we are currently limiting our service area to just our home states; Vermont and New York (not including New York City). 

TKO Construction & Roofing has been providing the highest degree of roofing and construction services to Vermont and New York since 2007. We have been around long enough to establish a name and reputation for our work and to become the professionals we are today. Moreover, were young enough to complete each project in a timely yet proficient manner. We take great pride and honor with the reputation we have formed. Having always striven for the utmost quality allows us to stake the claim that we "build them as they used to...". While sticking to traditions of quality and excellence on even the smallest of details, we also strive to keep up on all the most recent construction and roofing products, requirements, standards, and practices.

Complementing our guarantee of quality, TKO Construction & Roofing also offers friendly and personable service. We are not there just to carry out the requested work, we are also there for emotional and informational support. We encourage our clients to follow the production of work as its completed, to ask questions, and raise any concerns that may come up. We strive to ease our client's minds and reduce additional stress by offering detailed explanations. We take every conceivable effort to make each and every project run smoothly and unobtrusive as possible. Throughout the course of the project, we take the utmost care in protecting the areas of your home, office, and/or property. The management team will do their best to accommodate your schedule with ours.

TKO Construction & Roofing offers a wide range of roofing and construction services which allows us to be flexible with our client's needs. Our extensive experience with competitive bidding guarantees higher quality with competitive rates.

We specialize in single and multiple residential dwellings and homes as well as small commercial properties, structures, condos, and buildings. Our services include installing, maintaining, as well as removal of all types of roofing and exterior systems such as, custom sheet metal work, custom copper work, custom slate, asphalt (shingles), shakes, tiles, and EPDM rubber roofing. Along with our roofing department, we offer custom-made on-site seamless gutters and gutter guards installation and removal. In the winter months, we provide weatherizing of roofs and gutters, as well as roofing snow removal. In addition to our roofing and metal services, we build custom homes, small to medium-sized buildings, condos, additions, decking install, siding and trim, remodeling and renovations, hardwood floor installation, insulation, and window and door replacement. and snow removal.

Our excellent reputation and our long list of satisfied clients attest to our superior craftsmanship, attention to detail, clear communication, honesty, and integrity. 

The perfect pairing: modern roofing tailored to our client's needs and construction that is built to last.

Client references are available upon request.

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TKO Construction offers a wide variety of services for your convenience. From start to finish we can meet your needs head on in a timely and professional manor.

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